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"INTRODUCING...DARE!." by samax
welcome to "dar-i-us"  the official dare site.  i'll post new stuff as often as i can, letcha know what's up with dare, where he'll appear next and other assorted hooey!  the site's under construction... but i'm workin' on it!
a complete list of dare's appearaces to date::
dare hit the world like a comet with this ashcan printing of "@ the playground" a definite collector's item!  BUY IT!
Champion of Children Afterschool Special #1- "@ the playground 2.0" dare's mainstream debut! BUY IT!
if you haven't checked out the dare strip in ghostwerks' Arena, peep it!!
excerpt from "@ the playground 2.0" from Champion of Children Afterschool Special#1
Part One of "Breaking the Ice" Appears in Indie Magazine.
"'Breaking the Ice' part one is finished." says Samax.  The much-anticipated story featuring the fearless Darius Davidson, and his new enemy, the Ice Queen, will be serialized in the new Indie Comics magazine Underground Artistry, published by Gerald Haynes.

"I heard from Gerald that he was trying to do an indie comics mag for black artists, and i was all for it!  I want to get as much product out as possible, and it really helps to have outlets that are calling for the work!  I encourage my fans to support what he's doing!"
you can preview and order Underground Artistry #1
"ten minutes and counting: a love story" is included in gWc#1 anthology. BUY IT!
UNDERGROUND ARTISTRY#1 (cover art not available) published by gerald haynes features "Breaking the Ice" part 1 written and drawn by samax.
the tall and short of it - this page sums up what dare is all about better than any i have written so far!  it was part of a back up feature in Champion of Children Afterschool Special#1.  buy it online or harrass your local comic shop today!
Dare miniseries or graphic novel in the werks?-
   "well, that depends on the fans...", says Dare creator and writer/artist
samax randolph. "right now, everything depends on the sales orders of the two books we have coming out now (gWc #1 and champ#1 [as of now, Champ#1 is sold out!]).  if they do well, we will try to keep the momentum going..."
and that could  mean a big "dare!" project.
  "there will definitely be enough material!" says samax..."i'm pretty much done with the art on '
Breaking the Ice," (a full issue-length story, which pits dare against the Ice Queen and her Polar Borgs!), and after that, i'm gonna start on 'Shook' (a 3-4 issue mini), the long-awaited dare origin story. 
    we haven't decided exactly which projects will come next, hopefully fans will help us decide!"
click for a preview!!!
"I've been working on "Shook" off-and-on for a while now, but once i finish "Birthday Boy" (the 1st "Manchild" mini-graphic novel) it's gonna be alll about Dare for a minute..."

Dare:Shook!" which will be either a 3-4 issue mini, or a heavy one-shot graphic novel, will tell the origin of Darius Davidson! Stay tuned!
Icebreaker Combo! part one of the 3-part "Breaking the Ice" appears in Underground Artistry #1, published by Gerald Haynes.
the strip club!